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Developmental Delays  •  Speech Sounds  •  Receptive & Expressive Language

Speech Therapy

Let's start with an evaluation of your child's communication

Dynamic Speech Therapy looks at each child as an individual. We will evaluate your child's speech, language, and social skills through a combination of the following methods:

  • Parent interview

  • Direct observation

  • Standardized assessment

  • Informal measures

  • File review of medical history and previous therapies when applicable


Following the evaluation, we will work with your family to write goals and make a plan for speech therapy to address your child’s needs and your concerns as a caregiver.

Our family-centered speech therapy approach

Dynamic Speech Therapy focuses on your family's goals and values to help your child make meaningful progress. We use engaging, child-centered materials to motivate your child during speech therapy, including:


  • Toys

  • Books

  • Games

  • Arts and crafts

  • Picture cards

We will also provide you with tips, strategies, and activities to help your child practice their speech and language skills at home in a meaningful and functional way.

Dynamic Speech Therapy background
Little boy with delayed speech and language playing during speech therapy

Late Talkers

Whether your child has yet to say their first word or they are learning to combine two words together, we can work together to support their communication! Through a combination of parent coaching and playful therapy activities, we will help your child understand and use new words.

Developmental Delays

Our therapy sessions focus on so much more than just speech. We also support your child's ability to play, pretend, socialize, take turns, and learn new vocabulary! We partner with parents to teach foundational skills and support each child's growth during daily life activities and routines. 

Speech Sound Delays

We support speech sound development by identifying the specific errors (or patterns) that your child is using and addressing them with evidence-based methods. Using a combination of verbal and tactile cues, visual supports, and imitation activities, we will help your child speak clearly and gain self-confidence!

Language Disorders

Our speech therapists create a language rich learning environment through the use of toys, books, and pretend play. Each language therapy session is tailored to your child's unique needs to help them respond to questions, follow directions, form accurate sentences, and express their thoughts and ideas with greater independence.

Little girl participating in play-based language therapy
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Accepting New Clients!

Dynamic Speech Therapy provides speech therapy services to children in Midlothian, Bon Air, Chesterfield, Chester, Powhatan, and Brandermill.

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